Amplified is a unique youth programme designed to empower Auckland’s Youth to put on events for their community

The Amplified programme is a living workshop that fosters youth to learn production skills specific to live music events. Divided into three modules, Production, Technical and Entertainment, youth are encouraged to explore production roles, learn to design and engineer sound and lighting for live concert events, and learn to develop creative performance acts.


Direction, producing, promoting, fundraising, stage managing or art & decor


Dream to be a Rock Star, MC, form a band or DJ? Perhaps being a dancer, circus act, mime artist, live art piece, or fire performer is more your style...


Designing, rigging and engineering sound and lighting for live events

The Amplified Programme mentors youth to put on Dancing in the Park Youth Edition events for the city of Auckland

Dancing in the Park is a free monthly Arts & Culture festival held at the Albert Park Rotunda. This season we come back as a weekend long event, with the existing event running as usual on Saturdays, and the Youth Edition event running on Sundays. Both days are for the full community, but on Sunday's it's the Youth of Auckland putting on the show. For more information on Dancing in the Park events, CLICK HERE.


November 18-19, 2017

December 16-17, 2017

Most of the photos on this website are from previous Dancing in the Park events.

We look forward to replacing them with photos from the NEW Dancing in the Park Youth Edition events.

Sign into the session event pages on Facebook or email to register.

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As Amplified students become familiar with event production and performance skills, they are encouraged to create community projects in groups to put their skills into practice.
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We have a number of exciting opportunities coming up from work and performance opportunities at other festivals and events to a touring internship opportunity in 2018!
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We are starting very soon
This website is under live construction, and once the programme is launched, it will be regularly updated with pictures of the programme, new works of art, upcoming events and opportunities, etc. Sign up to our e-mail list so you get notifications of new opportunities and competitions.

Our Core Principals:

The Amplified programme is not just a “cool and exciting” programme for youth to have fun at. It provides invaluable skills that can be used in the workforce beyond school.

Emote Trust promotes the use of creative art forms as a means to learn about and manage emotions, through expressive activities and social connection. A healthy outward expression of our emotions prevents them from storing in our bodies and developing into disease, troublesome behavior or simply “making you feel yuck.”

At Emote Trust – we believe emotions are an energy that can be harnessed as creative power and given back to the community.

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