The Amplified Programme

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The Amplified programme is a living workshop that fosters youth to learn production skills specific to live music events. Divided into three modules, Production, Technical and Entertainment, youth are encouraged to explore production roles, learn to design and engineer sound and lighting for live concert events, and learn to develop creative performance acts. The flexible and ongoing nature of the programme means that youth can jump around modules learning a range of skills, or focus more intensely on one particular skill.

How It Works:

The Amplified programme is structured in monthly cycles and works towards putting on both free and ticked community arts and entertainment events throughout the year.

During the warmer months (spring – autumn) youth run Dancing in the Park Youth Edition, which is a monthly free family-friendly day festival in the iconic Albert Park. Dancing in the Park Youth Edition events are “by youth, for the whole community,” where the youth design and carry out all aspects of production for this outdoor community arts & culture festival. The youth decide how they want each event to feel, which youth acts perform, and the stalls and activities available for the public to enjoy. They plan, set up, and run everything on the day, with the support of the Emote Trust Dancing in the Park team

During winter months, youth work towards indoor ticketed events “for youth, by youth” using a similar format as Dancing in the Park events. These events provide paid performance opportunities for budding young artists, an opportunity for youth to work towards a different target audience, and raise funds for Emote Trust.

Entertainment Module

Dream to be a Rock Star, MC, form a band or DJ? Perhaps being a dancer, circus act, mime artist, live art piece, or fire performer is more your style? Creativity has no limits in this Amplified Programme and the Entertainment Module is designed to foster youth into whatever creative performance art takes their fancy. Youth are provided resources and support to learn and explore creative performance art skills.

The FlowZone provides a range of flow toys to have fun and learn on, which can be developed into fire dancing. A range of instruments are available to play on and the youth are welcome to bring their own. Sound gear enables practice with microphones and amplification of instruments.

At the beginning of each cycle, the Entertainment module facilitators assess the performing art skills already present in the group, and what ambitions and inspirations lie within. The group are asked, “What can we do? And what do we want to do?” and are then facilitated to design and create performance pieces for the upcoming event using their creative imaginations together with the resources and talent available. Business skills relevant to working as a professional entertainer are also taught throughout the programme.

Production Module

Wanna learn how to put on events? Does direction, producing, promoting, fundraising, stage managing or art & décor sound fun? If any or all of these sound like exciting skills to learn then the production module is for you.

The Production Module explores all the various roles that go into putting on a production. Each cycle* youth form a group for each key production position and work as a team to produce, direct, design art, run social media campaigns, fundraise, etc. As a group, the teams have fun getting creative in each of these various roles, while learning invaluable social sills, work experience, providing a service to the community and making friends.

*Note – All Amplified programmes (after school and holiday programmes) run in cycles, which is a period (typically 4-5 weeks) that works towards the upcoming monthly event.

Technical Module

If designing, rigging and engineering sound and lighting for live events sounds exciting, then this is the programme for you. The Technical Module (TechMod) teaches youth how to work with sound and lighting equipment, design and troubleshoot stage setups, rigging & de-rigging, perform sound checks and engineer live sound. Youth in this module learn skills that can lead to work as sound and lighting technicians at concerts and festivals. TechMod Youth shadow Emote’s Dancing in the Park technicians at the full community event on Saturdays, then get to do it all on their own the following day at Youth Edition event.

Join us and Get Amp'd!

*Note – All Amplified programmes (after school and holiday programmes) run in cycles, which is a period (typically 4-5 weeks) that works towards the upcoming monthly event.