Amplified is not just a programme but a culture, a way of living.

The Amplified culture is one of connection, co-creation and conscious living.

We operate with the following principles:

  • Community
  • Conscious Living
  • Creative Play
  • Collective Culture
  • Co-creation
  • Commitment
  • Trust


We are creative beings and realise the value in taking time to let our inner child to play and get creative. There’s heaps of science that shows creative play is good for your body, mind and soul, plus it's a load of fun.


Amplified is a collective culture, which reduces limitation and enables us to freely follow our dreams. Where one may be lacking in sufficient resources, a community can pool together to contribute all the pieces. At Amplified we dream big and when there’s something we want but don’t have, we call up our community to help us source it, and trust when the time is right, all that we need will come.


We recognise that we are not just an individual having an experience, but a collective, and we take pride in the responsibility of contributing to make our community a better place.


Communities are a sum of all its members, so by looking after ourselves, family, friends and neighbours the best we can, we are strengthening our community and doing good for our world.


Active engagement in community activities increases wellbeing of both the individual and the community. So we take every possible opportunity to co-create together. Co-creation provides us with a wide range of experiences that can help us become a better person, such as learning how to work in teams, or discovering new things you might not have thought of.


We are committed to doing the best we can in any moment. We see the value in the tough stuff as much as the good stuff, and are committed to seeing each experience as a treasure that we can learn from. This commitment we make to ourselves and our community reminds us that when things get tough, there's always someone out there to give us a hand or shoulder, and we are committed to not fighting our way through this world alone.


We trust that there is unlimited creative potential in our world, and that so long as we trust that it can happen... it will eventually happen in some way, shape or form. Whatever way things come our way, we trust that they are for the greatest good, be it a great pleasurable experience, or one that challenges us to grow and feel better in the end.