Is The Amplified Programme free?

Yes it is! Anyone in the community can apply to enter The Amplified Programme for free, however there are only limited places available at each intake, so you can secure your spot by paying tuition fees much like going to a dance class or recreational activity.

There are three ways to enter in the free community placements... 1. enter the programme as a performer at Dancing in the Park Youth Edition; 2. apply for a key crew placement on The Amplified Programme; 3. Enter the pot luck community placement which is a free for all lucky dip.

How do I apply to enter the programme as a performer?

Artists (individuals and groups) can apply to perform at Dancing in the Park Youth Edition events and enter The Amplified Programme with a 30 second - 5 minute video of your act. Include in the video "SIGN ME UP TO GET AMP'D" - get creative, and watermark/caption it with "Amplified.NZ". Post the video to our Facebook and/or Instagram pages with "Sign me up to get Amp'd!" as the status. Tag your family and friends who you want to come see you perform and after you get 50 likes or 10 shares we'll check you out. Event organisers love artists that have a good engagement with fans to help promote their event... so we'll look at both talent and following in the selection process. Don't be shy to ask your fans to help you out!

How do I apply to enter the programme on a key crew placement?

Sign me up to get Amp'd!Post a 30 second video introducing yourself, telling us which role(s) you want to apply for and why. Don't forget to include the compulsory registration statement "SIGN ME UP TO GET AMP'D" somewhere in the video, watermark it with "Amplified.NZ" and post with the status "Sign me up to get Amp'd".

This video is to help us get to know you, and a great chance for you to get creative with your public persona. Even in crew roles, everyone is in the public eye at Dancing in the Park events so we like to have fun with that and try to make others smile in the process. Post your videos to our Facebook and/or Instagram Pages and tag your friends and when you get 10 likes we'll check you out.

Working behind the scenes doesn't get you out of promotion duties, and even if you're more of the shy type we're sure you can get creative and find a way to get 10 likes. Have fun with it!

How do I enter the community pot luck?

Take a cool photo and write on it "Sign me up to get Amp'd!" together with the date and Amplified.NZ. Post it to our Facebook Page and put "Sign me up to get Amp'd" as the status. The number of shares you have on the day of the prize draw is your number of entries. From there's its just a case of drawing names out of the hat.

You'll need to reapply each month after the draw with a new dated photo. Only one photo per month will be accepted, you can submit more than one to try and get more shares, but only your entry with the most shares will get counted for the draw. So get your phone out, get creative and take a photo that others will enjoy and share!

To submit your photo to the current prize draw click here. The next draw date is: 22 September at the open day.

How do I secure my spot on The Amplified Programme?

If you don't want to take a chance and miss out, you can secure a spot by paying a tuition fee. There are still limited places, but these are first-in-first served. We value our paying customers, and will endeavour to keep supply meeting demand, by growing the programme to meet the community's need. To look at fees and get enrolled click here or email

I'm not Youth, but I'd love to get involved and do something like this. Can I get involved?

Yes absolutely! There are a number of ways you can get involved with the programme. The workshops are public gatherings that run in a central park and you are welcome to enjoy our public parks with us and spectate the programme. Performers love an audience and nothing beats setting up and rehearsing with fascinated passers by and fans. And of course, you don't want to miss out our free monthly Dancing in the Park events.

We like connecting with the community between workshops and events through our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), so join our community page for regular updates, streamed entertainment, creative videos, competitions and giveaways.

We also welcome donations of resources that can help us put on a great show. Money, services, products, volunteer support are always appreciated. This is a community co-created initiative and the more of us that pool together, the bigger the palate of tools to create entertainment for the community. You never know what basic or scrap materials can create a spectacular display of music and dance. Got any old instruments lying around? Perhaps sponsoring an act and joining us in the creative play appeals to you? In the Amplified Programme creativity has no limits so the worlds your oyster... hit us up with your ideas.

How do I know my entry/application has been considered?

For Arists/Peformers: We will engage with the community through our social media channels regarding the selection so you'll know you're being considered if you pop up on our social media feed and/or we comment on your video.

For Key Crew Placement Applicants: Once our social media team sees your entry has reached 10 likes we will contact you with an e-form for more information. If you have heard from us 72hrs after hitting 10 likes, message the Facebook Page with a snapshot of the post.

For Community Pot Luck Entries: Click here for our favourite entries and a list of the name of those who have been added to the draw. As final data is calculated on the day, not all entries in the draw will make the list. The lucky winners will be drawn from the Rotunda at Amplified Workshops or Dancing in the Park events, which we will stream to our social media.

For Paid Placements: Fill out our application form and we will contact you via your opted mode of communication with an offer of place, subject to availability. To secure that place payment must be received within 72hrs of offer of placement, using the instructions provided.