Weekly during Term, Fridays 4-7pm, Albert Park Rotunda

The term programme runs in monthly cycles of 4-5 weeks working towards the upcoming Dancing in the Park Youth Edition events. Students are welcome to enter the programme at any time mid-cycle, however the group exercises and programme plan are structured to monthly cycles, so mid cycle entrants can either join in with existing groups or focus on the free play activities until the next cycle begins. Youth are welcome to join us for single casual sessions joining in group and free play activities.

2017 Dates:

Cycle 1: 20th October to 19th November, 5 weeks, community placements announced 15th October at DITP Youth Edition

Cycle 2: 24th November to 17 December, 4 weeks, community placements announced 19th November at DITP Youth Edition


Wed-Fri 9-5p during school holidays (see dates)

The Holiday Programme caters to students wanting to join us for a day, week, or two weeks. The longer your programme, the more you'll get to do.


Term 3 Holidays

Week 1: October 4-6 2017, Albert Park Rotunda (with adjacent wet weather venue)

Week 2: October 11-13 2017, Albert Park Rotunda (with adjacent wet weather venue)

Placements for the Term 3 Holiday Programme Announced at the "Schools Out Gathering" in Albert Park on Friday 29 September

Summer Holidays

Week 1: January 10-12 2018, Albert Park Rotunda - dates may change

Week 2: January 17-19 2018, Albert Park Rotunda - dates may change

Placements for the Summer Holiday Programme Announced at Dancing in the Park Anniversary Albert Park on Sunday 17 December